Heyday Clinic
Code of Conduct

At Heyday, we pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions that best fit our patient's needs, goals and budget. Our doctors are Authorised Prescribers for a vast range of prescription plant medicines, and our team keeps up to date with the latest medicines available and participates in research trials for new medicines. Our team also recommends evidence based complementary medicines and lifestyle modifications as appropriate. Every patient requires a unique approach and we pride ourselves on practising personalised medicine.

Your Heyday doctor may recommend a Heyday plant medicine. If they do, this is because they think it will best fit your needs. They may also recommend a range of other products, and will work to match the best medicine to your needs and budget.

Heyday doctors are not incentivised or encouraged to recommend Heyday medicines. Heyday doctors are not given a list of medicines they can and can’t prescribe. They are all specialists in plant medicine and will draw from their experience with other patients, products and available evidence to tailor a treatment regime for you.

Dr Jim Connell, who may be your doctor and who is otherwise the Medical Director of the Heyday Clinic, co-founded Heyday Medical and is a shareholder in the business. If you feel uncomfortable being prescribed Heyday medicines by Dr Jim please ask for an alternative and he will happily oblige.

Our other Heyday doctors have no financial interest in Heyday.  However, they are employed by Heyday, so if you feel uncomfortable being prescribed any Heyday medicines by anyone in the team at all, please let them know and they will happily find you a suitable alternative.

If you would prefer not to have this conversation with your doctor directly, you may contact one of our friendly nurses via info@heydaymedical.com. This can be added to your patient registration form so there is no need for a conversation with the doctor.