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Empowering Aussie patients with prescription plant medicines

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Number one

Start by checking your eligibility for plant based natural medicine and make a booking with us online


Number two

Telehealth consult with one of our dedicated doctors to tailor a treatment plan that works for you


Number three

We organise your medicine to be picked up or delivered to your door with one of our partner pharmacies

At Heyday

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Our prescription plant medicines are sun grown in living soil right here in Australia

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We provide our patients with care and guidance every step of the way

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Our range of plant medicines are doctor formulated and patient informed

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Quickly check if prescription plant medicines are right for you

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Telehealth Consult

A fast and easy way to connect with a Heyday specialist from anywhere in Australia

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Home Delivery

Accessing your treatments has
never been easier with our streamline ordering system and partner pharmacies around Australia