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For Helen

Heyday continues to be inspired by the late Helen Connell and was founded by Dr Jim Connell and Phoebe Macleod, her loving children.

As a General Practitioner and former President of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians Australia, Jim has found natural therapies to be versatile and empowering treatment options for a wide range of conditions. They have been a great addition to his medical toolkit and provided insights into a more holistic model of healthcare.

As promising as some of these alternative medicines are, Dr Jim has witnessed first-hand the difficulties faced by patients and healthcare professionals in accessing high quality natural medicines and appropriate education on how to best utilise them.

These challenges became personal in 2020 when Jim and Phoebe’s mother, Helen, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Guided by Jim’s existing expertise in the field, the family was fortunately able to access a cannabis-centred treatment plan. This treatment gave Helen all-important respite and quality of life alongside her intensive chemotherapy treatment.  

Jim and Phoebe are now determined to bring natural therapies from the fringe and into the spotlight as a viable treatment option for more Aussie patients. We welcome you to Heyday, a beacon of light for our patients and family alike.

A Photograph of Helen Connell, Jim and Phoebe's late mother smiling