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Welcome to Heyday

We Do Specialist Care the Natural Way

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Hello from the Heyday family

We are doctors, mental health specialists, and nurses with significant expertise in prescription plant medicines and personalised care. 

We treat patients with prescription plant medicines and lifestyle interventions, and are passionate about empowering doctors to deliver healthcare differently. 

100% Australian owned.  And family inspired.

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What We Do

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We harness our specialist knowledge of plant medicines to deliver exceptional patient care

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We are formulating the medicines that we have not been able to access for our patients. All sun grown in living soil right here in Australia

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We nurture our relationships and guide you every step of the way on your treatment journey. When you're happy, we are happy!

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Research & Development

Our doctor led team works closely with our growers to develop strains that are optimized for specific conditions and treatments

Education for
Healthcare Providers

Our team at Heyday are passionate about sharing their knowledge of prescription plant medicines with colleagues across medicine, nursing and allied health. If you are just starting out or want to be pointed in the right direction for evidence around plant medicines we are happy to help. We can also support you with more nuanced clinical guidance and we are available for a second opinion if you would like to refer a patient. 

Dr Jim Connell and Nurse Cameron Rosin of Heyday Clinic are the trusted education partners for the Honahlee Catalyst portal for prescribers.