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Dr Jim Connell

Dr Jim Connell

Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder

Dr Jim is an innovative GP and our founding doctor here at Heyday. He is experienced across all areas of general medicine, with a special focus on combining conventional and natural medicines to achieve the best results for his patients. Dr Jim loves getting to know his patients and is a friendly and compassionate GP. He has been treating patients with natural therapies since 2017 and cares for our youngest and oldest Heyday patients. Dr Jim is a well recognised thought leader in the natural therapies space and his ability to develop a truly personalised treatment regime ensures his patients always get the best care. Dr Jim's knowledge of conventional and complementary medicine allows him to incorporate elements of each in a safe and effective manner.


Dr Jim Connell

Like his sister Phoebe, Dr Jim was affected by his late mother’s pancreatic cancer treatment journey and has a strong desire to craft the best quality medicines for his patients while making a holistic approach to healthcare more accessible to patients across Australia.

Dr Jim holds the following roles and certifications:

• Former President of Society of Cannabis Clinicians Australian Chapter
• Healer Certification (Cannabis Education through Dr Sulak)
• Member of the Australasian College of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine (enrolled fellowship program)