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Order your free Heyday Pharmacy Pack today.

Included in the pack is a box of patient booking cards. Each card has a QR code for fast, simple online booking with Heyday and we can offer your patients a dedicated discount code that can be used for their initial consultation.

Here to support Aussie pharmacies.

We understand that you often field enquiries from members of your community about access to alternative healthcare, including natural therapies.

Whether you are a pharmacy interested in learning more, or if you are already supporting members of your community with natural medicines, we would love to connect with you.

Your referral partner

Heyday's team of compassionate doctors and nurses specialise in the appropriate use of natural medicines to treat a range of health conditions. If your community members do not have access to a local prescriber, our Heyday Clinic is an excellent referral partner. 

If you already work closely with local prescribers we are happy to support them.  We also work with GPs who are happy for their patients to be prescribed natural therapies but choose not to prescribe them in their own practice.

Led by Dr Jim Connell, one of Australia’s leading GP specialists, Heyday doctors and nurses support patients every step of the way on their  journey to better health.

Our clinic focuses on upregulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and encouraging patients to engage in health promoting activities to achieve optimal results. We tailor medication regimes to each individual patient and offer continuity of care. We believe care only begins at the script, and support a range of patients with chronic, complex conditions. 

Heyday Clinic currently supports over 4,500 patients around Australia - our youngest patient is 8 and our oldest patient is 97!

We offer a free Heyday Nurse call to answer any questions and check if natural therapies are the right fit for the patient. Our experienced doctors complete an initial 30-45 minute consult with each patient with regular follow up appointments.

Our Clinic team has developed a range of in-house educational tools that we are happy to share with you.

Our resource library includes patient “how to” videos, podcasts, educational presentations and blogs created by the Heyday team.

In theory, all chronic conditions can be positively influenced by 'upregulating' the ECS. Medicines derived from the cannabis plant interact directly with this system, allowing for individualised and targeted care across a vast range of conditions.

Heyday products can be ordered through HealthHouse or CanView.

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Health House is committed to supplying the highest quality medical cannabis pharmaceuticals to Australian retailers and research facilities.

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CanView, brought to you by wholesale distributor Burleigh Heads Cannabis (BHC), delivers prescribing, dispensing and educational solutions to the Australian cannabis community.

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