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Sustainably grown under the Aussie sun

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“Heyday drives the creation of medicines as unique as the people we care for.”  
- Dr Jim ConnellHeyday Clinic Specialist and Co-founder

Our Medicines Are

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Sustainably grown under the Aussie sun

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Grown in living soil with local, organic compost

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Harvested and trimmed by hand with care

Our commitment to sustainability

At Heyday, we achieve quality and complexity in our plants, sustainably. Heyday flower is sun grown in rural Victoria, some in polytunnels, some outdoors - using 96x less energy than indoor grows.

We use a grow facility that is solar powered and adopts regenerative agriculture and organic farming practices. The plants are grown in living soil on the farm and the soil is improved with organic local compost and garden sandy soil (both tested and certified as pesticide and heavy metals free).

Our True to Plant approach

The cannabis plant is highly complex, containing more than 500 different chemicals, including at least 140 cannabinoids which are unique to cannabis. At Heyday, we promote the entourage effect and believe the whole of the plant should be utilised for its therapeutic potential. Flower products are our foundation, as what can be more True to Plant than the whole flower itself!  We carefully select strains based on their terpene profiles and the presence of minor cannabinoids, as these two factors alone greatly modulate the therapeutic effects and experience for patients.

In addition to our sun grown flower strains, Heyday specialises in unique product formulations that utilise lesser-known cannabinoids rarely used on the Australian market.  

If you are a healthcare provider and would like more information on Heyday’s product range and formulations under development, please get in touch.

Our Heyday quality and freshness guarantee

All of our products are GMP certified and tested to the highest quality standards and we are committed to supplying excellent quality medication to our patients. If you experience any issues with your medication, rest assured you are covered by our quality and freshness guarantee.

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Australian Grown

Heyday products are grown on farms right here in Australia. Our local producers are based in regional Victoria, close to the mighty Murray River.

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We are here to support healthcare providers.

If you are a healthcare provider and would like more information on Heyday’s product range and formulations under development, please get in touch.

Available Products

We currently have cannabis flower and oil products available on prescription under the relevant Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) schemes.

Distribution Partner

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HealthHouse is our national distribution partner

Pharmacy Partner

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Astrid Health is our preferred pharmacy partner for exceptional patient service