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Alastair Macleod

Alastair Macleod

Finance Officer and Co-founder

Alastair leads the Heyday finance strategy and is responsible for day to day financial management. He is enjoying working in healthcare for the first time and brings nearly two decades of experience from the banking and finance industry to the team.


Alastair Macleod

Alastair has worked in the banking and finance industry for nearly two decades, playing active roles in capital raisings, equity trading, and lending.  Alastair has a strong background in finance strategy and management having traded for some of the world’s largest hedge funds all the way through to giving financial advice to Australian SMEs and corporates (including venture capital funds).

Alastair is enjoying his transition into healthcare and loves working in a company focused on helping patients get relief for their health conditions when first line treatments just haven’t worked.

Alastair also manages a portfolio of rural property investments.