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Lauren Crawford

Lauren Crawford

Medical Science Liaison

Lauren is Heyday’s Medical Science Liaison, with a passion for personalised healthcare and women's health. With a rich background as a practising midwife, Lauren champions Heyday's innovative medicines that are tailored specifically for women. Lauren is focused on building a strong community of like-minded healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes with natural therapies and holistic care. 


Lauren Crawford

In addition to her passion for innovative healthcare, Lauren is committed to supporting people, driven by a blend of empathy and ambition. Holding a Bachelor of Midwifery and having worked as an independent home birthing midwife in New Zealand, she finds fulfilment in helping women feel empowered and confident in their health decisions. Lauren believes strongly in the body's innate ability to achieve balance and health given the right support, advocating for a holistic approach to healthcare where women's voices are heard and respected.

Since moving to Australia, Lauren has engaged with start-up businesses, enjoying roles that challenge the status quo and push for innovation.

As a proud mother to three beautiful children, Lauren has settled on the Sunshine Coast, where she enjoys the coastal lifestyle. She stays active with running, weight training, Pilates, and surfing.