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Mandy Jordan

Mandy Jordan

Senior Receptionist

Mandy is our patient focused Senior Receptionist and welcoming heart of Heyday Clinic. She is passionate about patient care and strives to enrich each patient’s health journey with excellent service and friendly attentiveness. Mandy’s expertise spans the daily operations of Heyday Clinic and is grounded in a rich background in Healthcare, Virtual Management, and Telehealth Operations.


Mandy Jordan

Mandy brings a decade of medical expertise to Heyday Clinic, with a significant five years dedicated to Virtual Management and Telehealth in the startup space. Her experience encompasses collaboration with a diverse range of healthcare providers, including specialists, surgeons, general practitioners and of course, our patients.

She has enriched her skill set by completing a Diploma in Office Administration and a Certificate in Medical Terminology Interpretation and Application. For the past three years, Mandy has been an integral part of the Heyday clinical team, offering unwavering support to our doctors and nurses.

Since joining the Heyday team, Mandy has embraced a more natural lifestyle, making conscientious health and environmental choices for herself and her family. Mandy's journey reflects a genuine commitment to holistic health and aligns beautifully with the values of Heyday Clinic. Her growing passion for natural therapies not only enriches her personal development but also enhances her ability to connect with and support our patients and the broader Heyday community. It's inspiring to see such dedication and enthusiasm for continuous learning and growth in our team.