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Phoebe Macleod

Phoebe Macleod

Managing Director and Co-founder

Phoebe leads the Heyday team. With a background in law and business development in health, she is focused on building a team of smart, genuine and passionate Heyday people across both the Clinic and Product arms of the business.


Phoebe Macleod

Phoebe drives the strategy for Heyday and is responsible for all day to day activity and operations.  Phoebe is an intellectual property and commercial lawyer with 10+ years experience and has spent most of her career working in medical research and health.  Phoebe also has a business development background, and has successfully commercialised digital health products, medical devices and vaccines.  Phoebe is passionate about building lasting partnerships and really enjoys getting to know who she is working with.

Phoebe’s motivation to start Heyday  was triggered by her late mother’s pancreatic cancer treatment journey.  Phoebe believes natural therapies have a much larger role to play in the health system, allowing health providers to offer patients a genuine and effective natural alternative.

Phoebe holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Science (Genetics) from Monash University.